About Alberta Rockies Adventures

Alberta Rockies Adventures is a program spearheaded by the Willmore Wilderness Preservation and Historical Foundation, a non-profit foundation whose goal is to record the historical data and to preserve the last mountain wilderness directly north of Banff and Jasper National Parks.

We represent leading operators and lodges along the scenic eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada. Our operators – your hosts, share a personal history and knowledge of the region offering a unique traditional and historic tourism that focuses on the history of the Canadian Rockies, the saga of how Canada’s west was opened.

All businesses operate in or around Willmore Wilderness Park, a pristine and untouched area and an ideal location for visitors who wish to partake in the traditional mountain lifestyle. Guests can learn new ways of approaching the environment through hands-on activities. They can connect with the true essence of Alberta’s mountain past through music, songs and stories about the unsung heroes of the fur trade.

Visitors can simply enjoy the beauty of the area and its attractions or immerse themselves more deeply in the cultural heritage, which includes folklore, historical buildings, trapline cabins, old gravesites, ancient aboriginal mountain trails, wikiups, cache sites and old mine sites.

We are the descendents of legends – We invite you to come and visit us!

Wildlife in the Alberta Rockies
Horseback riding in the Alberta Rockies