The original ranch house from the area, provides a bit of history and a wonderful view of the Rockies. Bar ‘F’ Ranch House is a Bed and Breakfast located at 50409 A Highway 16 in Hinton. Please note in most cases map coordinates may not be one hundred percent accurate.

The Bar ‘F’ was originally called Entrance, as it provided the last opportunity for provisions and horses at the Entrance to the Rockies. The Bar ‘F’ retains the original character of the building, but with all the comforts of home, including WiFi and satellite television. A large fire pit area is available for guests looking for a wiener roast and smores for dessert. Bar ‘F’ Ranch House is less than 15 minutes to Jasper National Park, an hour from downhill skiing at Marmot. The facility is located in the middle of some of the best mountain biking, hiking, fishing, quadding and snowmobiling in Western-Canada.

Bar ‘F’ Ranch House provides a casual, yet comfortable environment, which is the perfect departure from the stark white and impersonal stays at a chain motel. Rooms are from $110.00 to $135.00 CDN per night. Continental breakfast is available, and includes fresh fruit, fruit juices, coffee and tea.

Boundaries of Jasper National Park were established in 1907 & the Canadian Government had no tolerance for the people who lived there.

All the people that had taken homesteads near the present-day town of Jasper, in the Athabasca valley, were forced to relocate. Arguments and disagreements developed.

The government bought out some of the settlers and pushed others out.  Some had title to their land and were granted parcels of land outside the Park boundary.

John Moberly was given a parcel of land east of the East Gate of Jasper Park—at Prairie Creek. John’s brother, Ewan Moberly only had a verbal agreement.

They were told to settle in the forest reserve at Grande Cache on the Big Smoky River, without a written agreement. In years to come, their families had land problems.

Adam Joachim, Ewan and others were just evicted with no land settlement.  The old saying is “A verbal agreement isn’t worth the paper it’s wrote on!” How true!

Jack Gregg had a ranch, which was later called the Bar F Ranch, and John Moberly also had dwellings and land that was allotted after he was forced out of Jasper near Prairie Creek.

Prairie Creek was a small town consisting of two stores, a hotel, a thirty-bed hospital, a livery stable, and a pack business operated by Fred Brewster.

Prairie Creek is a ghost town, founded in 1910, but was a temporary town for railroad construction workers. Once the work was complete, workers moved on, and the town disappeared.

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